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Explore our complimentary weekly mindfulness series. If you can't see it, you can't be it. Reimagine your destiny with our guided meditations and affirmations.

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Self-care as a traditionally marginalized person is a powerful act of revolution. This is the definitive guide to reclaiming your limitless potential. 

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We use our platform to create an  uplifting global community. When one of us wins, we all win. Reclaim your place in history by joining our tribe.


Pleasure as Power

We believe your connection with the sensual is just as important as your physical health. Therefore, we encourage our community not only to educate themselves about their reproductive rights, but to also incorporate practices into their lives that nourish and nurture their passions and pleasure.

Wellness as Necessity

For women of color self-care isn't a luxury; it's a necessity.

Beauty as Birthright

Here we discuss products and methods that help nourish your skin and body, accentuate your natural beauty, and inspire a sense of play. Beauty is more than skin deep. How you feel about how you look effects you more than you may think. We help you feel confident, nurtured, and gorgeous without ever sacrificing quality.

Wearable Art Silk Headwraps

Our Mindfulness Series

Nourish yourself with our 10-minute meditations designed specifically for women of color.

What We Believe

This 10-minute guided meditation focuses on limiting self-beliefs and how they can completely immobilize us if we’re not careful.

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Radical Self-Care

As people who have suffered systematic abuse throughout history, showing ourselves compassion can be a revolutionary way to reclaim our space.

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To further our message of mental, spiritual, and physical health, we release our meditations weekly with the intent of strengthening and building a global community of game changers. 

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Self-care is an often mocked buzzword these days, but that shouldn’t detract from its true importance and value. It is truly revolutionary to take care of yourself as a historically marginalized person. The very act defies a systemic abuse at its core.

Our new eBook "Align. Grow. Thrive." is filled with holistic guidance and pragmatic steps to reclaim your full potential.

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Slow Fashion

We believe fashion should never be cheap, disposable, anonymous, or made in poor conditions.That's why we take a holistic approach to the design and production of our goods. Through this holistic approach, we can maintain a commitment to sustainable and ethical production and manufacturing processes.

Each of our products are made to order each time you purchase from us. This allows us to avoid waste created by overstock and cut down on the unnecessary use of fossil fuels to ship our products from a distributor, to a warehouse, and finally over to you.We believe our customers care about the environment as much as we do and respect the 3 to 6 week window it requires to print, cut, sew, and ship our products. 

Each of our pieces are designed by an artist in collaboration with Maison Synesthésie. The artist receives residuals in perpetuity and is given an outlet to expand on a global scale. Every time you purchase from us, you supports a community of deserving artist as well.

Our Manifesto

We believe in a future where the historically marginalized are the rule and not the exception.

We believe we can stand in the glory of the achievements of our ancestors while shaping a new world.

We believe black and brown bodies, women, allies and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and those with disabilities are not marketing tools or ad campaign fodder but real, breathing people and a symbol of strength and resilience.

We believe our existence; our survival through all we have suffered is a revolutionary statement.

We believe each time we choose to buy into brands that support us a whole we speak loudly with our money.

We believe fashion can be used as a tool; as a marker to say we also belong in traditionally privileged spaces.

We believe clothes do so much more than cover our bodies. By choosing garments that have a message and make a statement, we further our vision of ourselves in this great, wide world.


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